Free Papers of Carl V. Rabstejnek

Human and Organizational Understanding and Development


After completing my Ph.D., getting published made sense.

Now, with a few successes, I have reassessed my original goal.

Not employed in academia, there is no professional advancement derived.

Content and style has to comply with the expectations of editors and publishers.

Publications require copyrights to be assigned and reprints purchased by the author.

Libraries are eliminating paper journals, so casual readers cannot thumb through issues.

Readerships is limited to subscribers and researchers who search article databases.

Therefore, readers of a particular publication are becoming increasingly limited.

Found articles are computer accessed and may be downloaded to paper.

The Internet is increasingly becoming the source of journal articles.

The World Wide Web has become the source of most pieces.

I write to be read and not for institutional requirements.

It now makes sense to publish on a Web site.

In addition to this website, these articles are published on ResearchGate,com

List of My Full-Text Free Publications